Gregory Teboul Wins First Bracelet, Colpoys Leads $50k High Roller, Fedor Holz And Stephen Chidwick Chasing

Gregory Teboul Wins First Bracelet, Colpoys Leads $50k High Roller, Fedor Holz And Stephen Chidwick Chasing

Gregory TeboulFrench player Gregory Teboul won his first WSOP bracelet after outlasting a table full of American opponents.

Seven events took place across a busy day of poker action at Bally’s and Paris in Las Vegas. With bracelets won in the Razz Championship as well as the $777 Lucky 7’s and $600 Mixed NLHE/PLO Events, it was a day off for the Main Event final ten, but everyone else seemed to be at the felt!

Julien Martini Wins Fourth WSOP Bracelet in Razz Championship


French player Julien Martini joined David Peters and Scott Seiver as a four-time bracelet winner in Event #79 as he claimed the win in the $10,000-entry Razz Championship. In what was a thrilling final table, nine players entered the last table with 17 WSOP bracelets between them, that’s one more than Phil Hellmuth!

Once the final nine sat down, Ziya Rahim’s departure was followed by Brandon Shack-Harris in eighth place after the American had led the field coming into the final day. Brian Hastings’ bid to make it seven bracelet wins fell away for him to bust in seventh and the WSOP legend joined Shack-Harris in taking on Poker Hall of Famer Todd Brunson.

These two kids got knocked out of the razz final table and came right in our tournament. They think they are razz experts so I had to bluff a giant pot and incinerate their faces for them. Free of charge. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

— Todd Brunson (@ToddBrunson) July 15, 2022

The Brazilian pro Felipe Ramos had played some great stuff heading to the final stages of the event, but he just couldn’t get anything going at the final table after dinner break, exiting in fifth place for $50,295.

Came back from dinner break with 2.2M (2/5) and lost 100% of the hands. It was just meant to lose and sucks not being able to do any better. Awful feeling. This game is so amazing and very few really know the deal. I love poker and it’s art. Will try to keep improving. TYVM 🙏🏻💙

— Felipe Mojave Ramos (@FelipeMojave) July 15, 2022

Down to the crucial final stages, Koray Aldemir missed out on the opportunity to win his second WSOP bracelet and after Yueqi Zhu busted in third place, Martini used his massive chip advantage to close it out against Hal Rotholz, who failed to win his first bracelet but made it all the way to a great second-place score of $203,281.

For Martini, however, perhaps a celebratory drink of his own name, after winning his fourth WSOP bracelet and third inside nine months. Scintillating stuff.

WSOP 2022 Event #79 $10,000 Razz Championship Final Table Results:                      

Julien Martini – $328,906
Hal Rotholz – $203,281
Yueqi Zhu – $149,958
Koray Aldemir – $111,991
Felipe Ramos – $84,683
Max Pescatori – $64,847
Brian Hastings – $50,295
Brandon Shack-Harris – $39,561
Ziya Rahim – $31,456

Teboul Takes Title After French Resistance

Gregory Teboul won the final table of the Lucky 7’s Event #75 (Why not Event #77? – Ed) as he took down a final table containing poker legend Allen Cunningham. With seven players reaching the final table, it was the five-time bracelet winner Cunningham who left in seventh place. Shoving for ten big blinds with AhTh, Cunningham lost to Teboul’s QsTs when the board came Qh9d5c3dQd. Fortunately, Cunningham could see the serendipity in such an achievement.

Finished 7th. In a lucky 7s tournament that basically means I won. 👍

— Allen Cunningham (@AllenCunningham) July 14, 2022

It was Padres fan Kyle Miholich who busted in sixth when his Ah2d was dominated by Rodney Turvin’s AsKh after a queen-high board propelled Turvin up the leaderboard. Just a few minutes later, Jed Stewart was on the rail too, his Kh6h no good against Turvin’s Ac6d, with all the chips going in on the flop of AhKcQh. A 6s on the turn followed by a 4d on the river doomed Stewart and gave Turvin a huge lead over the remaining field with four left.

All three of Tuvin’s opponents had less chips together than he had as chip leader, but Teboul took a chunk out of the leader’s stack before James Hughes busted in fourth place. Hughes lost out for less than ten big blinds with Ks7h as Christopher Farmer’s Ts9c got there on a board of 8s6s3hTc8h.

Despite winning that hand, the overnight leader Farmer was still short stacked, and busted in third for $207,777 when Turvin’s AhKs was too good for Farmer’s KcQh. Turvin had a decent lead heading into the heads-up battle, with 168 million chips to Teboul’s 108 million, but that was reversed ahead of the final hand. Teboul had a 4:1 lead when he raised it up with AhTd and called off Turvin’s As6s shove, holding through the ten-high board to win his first-ever WSOP bracelet and that jackpot-looking top score of $777,777.

WSOP 2022 Event #75 $777 Lucky 7’s Final Table Results:                          

Gregory Teboul – $777,777
Rodney Turvin – $400,777
Christopher Farmer – $207,777
James Hughes – $154,777
Jed Stewart – $116,777
Kyle Miholich – $87,777
Allen Cunningham – $66,777

Voitovs Wins Third Bracelet for Latvia

Latvian poker player Romans Voitovs won the third bracelet his country has ever claimed as he saw out Event #80, the 4600-entry Mixed NLHE/PLO bracelet event. On the second and final day of the event where 76 players kicked off the action, two players raced clear of the action with Romans Voitovs and Michael Dobbs working their way towards what seemed like an inevitable clash for the gold.

Heads-up, Voitovs had a 3:1 lead and although Dobbs battled back, when he shoved with AhAc on a flop of 9d8h[97h], Voitovs was priced in to call with QdTc. The turn of a 6h meant the Latvian had one hand on the bracelet and drawing only to a ten for the chop, Dobbs was denied by making his set on the Ad river, as Voitovs’ turned straight gave him victory and sent his Latvian rail into ecstasy.

WSOP 2022 Event #80 $600 Mixed NLHE/PLO Final Table Results:                      

Romans Voitovs – $158,609
Michael Dobbs – $98,026
Justin Barnum – $72,544
Francisco Baruffi – $54,172
Richard Bai – $40,822
Jordan Russell – $31,046
Jacob Staley – $23,831
Andrew Peplinski – $18,464

Colpoys on Top After Epic Day 1 of $50,000 High Roller

Daniel Colpoys leads the field in Event #83, the $50,000-entry High Roller NLHE event which kicked off on its Day 1 today. With a stellar field packed with stars, 97 players were whittled down to 32 survivors, as Colpoys bagged up over 2.8 million, a little clear of German legend of poker Fedor Holz (2.3m). Elsewhere in the top 10, Stephen Chidwick (2.1m), Brian Rast (1.6m) and Henrick Hecklen (1.05m) all ended the day ahead of the million-chip mark to go into Day 2.

Other players who sailed into the next day’s play included Dan ‘Cowboy’ Smith (860,000), Justin Bonomo (810,000) and Punnat Punsri (625,000), all of whom ended play in the top half of the chipcounts. Scott Seiver (550,000), Sam Soverel (530,000) and Sean Winter (495,000) will be present too, with Adrian Mateos (265,000) and Dan Zack (230,000) among the short stacks to make the cut.

Others weren’t so fortunate, with Martin Kabrhel, Erik Seidel, Bryn Kenney, Daniel Negreanu, Chris Brewer, Jason Koon, Christoph Vogelsang, Ben Heath, David Peters, Jason Mercier and Nick Schulman all busting.

WSOP 2022 Event #83 $50,000 High Roller Top 10 Chipcounts:


Dan Colpoys – 2,835,000
Fedor Holz – 2,530,000
Stephen Chidwick – 2,100,000
Gregory Jensen – 1,895,000
Brian Rast – 1,635,000
Chris Hunichen – 1,380,000
Alexandros Theologis – 1,290,000
Yong Wang – 1,255,000
Joao Vieira – 1,150,000
Henrik Hecklen – 1,050,000

Toby Lewis, Cliff Josephy and Adam Hendrix Chasing NLHE Glory

Just 10 players remain in the $5,000-entry NLHE Freezeout Event #81, with Peter Turmezey (8,810,000) holding the lead into the final day. With Toby Lewis (6,665,000), Adam Hendrix (5,140,000) and Cliff Josephy (4,180,000) all in the top five, Marius Gierse missed out on the money as ‘bubble boy’  before Aaron Massey (23rd) Kitty Kuo (22nd) Mark Davis (19th) and Nacho Barbero (17th) all missed out after the money places began to make their payouts, with Michael Mizrachi (12th) heading out just before the final table.

With 11 players left, just one more player departed before the final day, with Mike Watson running AhKc into Turmezey’s KdKs to bust, a board of 9h5s4c9d6s sending ‘Sir Watts’ home with $41,057.

WSOP 2022 Event #81 $5,000 NLHE Freezeout Top 10 Chipcounts:                     

Peter Turmezey – 8,810,000
Toby Lewis – 6,665,000
Adam Hendrix – 5,140,000
Cliff Josephy – 4,180,000
Francois Pirault – 2,815,000
Johannes Straver – 2,585,000
Mo Arani – 2,400,000
Michael Katz – 1,865,000
Caio Almeida – 1,860,000
Valentin Oberhauser – 1,470,000

Two Other Bracelet Events Start Day 1s

Two more bracelet events took place on Day 45 of the 2022 WSOP, with Justin Lapka top dog in the 82nd event of the 2022 WSOP, the $800-entry No Limit Hold’em Deepstack event. Lapka bagged up 2,425,000 chips , with Marcelo Giordano Mendes coming in second on 2.35 million. Elsewhere, Selim Oulmekki (2,030,000) and Artem Metalidi (1,895,000) bagged top five stacks, with Ebony Kenney (795,000) and Ryan Leng (395,000) both surviving to Day 2 also.

WSOP 2022 Event #82 $800 NLHE Deepstack Top 10 Chipcounts:                       

Justin Lapka – 2,425,000
Marcelo Giordano Mendes – 2,350,000
Selim Oulmekki – 2,030,000
Steve Savio – 1,965,000
Artem Metalidi – 1,895,000
Francis Anderson – 1,800,000
Ranganath Kanchi – 1,650,000
Martin Gavascinapoletano – 1,635,000
Marsel Backa – 1,605,000
Richard Alsup – 1,500,000

Finally, in Event #84, the biggest stack belonged to Brazilian pro and well-known Team PokerStars Pro of old Andre Akkari (262,100), who piled up heaps more than his nearest rival Greg Dyer (181,900). With big names such as Daniel Negreanu (72,900), Mike Matusow (44,900), Todd Brunson (102,400), John Racener (62,200), and Eli Elezra (53,300) amounting slightly smaller stacks, 328 players entered but only 179 players lasted the day to reach Day 2.

WSOP 2022 Event #84 $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Top 10 Chipcounts:                     

Andre Akkari – 262,100
Greg Dyer – 181,900
Joey Couden – 178,100
Tomasz Gluszko – 169,500
Jeffrey Taylor – 168,100
Paresh Doshi – 167,600
Clifford Ziff – 154,400
Mauricio Ferreire Pais – 152,700
Bruno Jais – 149,900
Jannicholas Neizert – 148,700

Russell Thomas is looking out for all the WSOP Main Event gamblers out there.

Asher’s WSOP main event stack is listed as 29.4M on @PokerNews and I confirmed that it’s actually 24.4M. Just want correct info out there because I’m sure people are gambling based on listed stacks

— Russell Thomas (@RunGoodRussell) July 14, 2022

Sandeep Pulusani looked back on his bracelet win from yesterday by posting a How it Started / How It’s Going photo comparison.

9 years (and about 6 retirements and un-retirements from poker 😂) later… we got bracelet #2 😮

— Deep Pulusani (@momentofdeep) July 15, 2022

Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer admitted to having an awful time in terms of WSOP results, but the cash action more than made up for it.

at the airport, happy to be getting home. I love poker singer camp, but this was a tough one. 47 buyins, just one cash. At least it was a win, but not big enough to even put much of a dent in the other 46. Real save was winning almost every cash game session.

— Greg Raymer (@FossilMan) July 14, 2022

Barny Boatman pointed to a key advantage on the WSOP Main Event finalists’ ‘prep day’ as the rain fell in Las Vegas.

The Main Event finalists had one day off and it rained by the bucketload. In Vegas. This will have been perfect preparation for the two British players who’ll be well used to playing the monkey holdem at the Vic in damp socks.

— Barny Boatman (@barnyboatman) July 15, 2022

Jennifer Shahade is happy to take advice from all corners of the globe in her poker career. Left corners, traffic lights, crossroads…

“Why’d you go all in with pocket 3s?”

My Uber driver has a point.

— Jennifer Shahade (@JenShahade) July 15, 2022

We have to finish on one of the funniest videos this summer, however, as Greg goes ‘all-in’ on Phil ‘The Poker Brat’ Hellmuth.

“phil hellmuth’s marketing manager has a hard job”

sub on youtube plz [email protected] @phil_hellmuth

— Greg Goes All In (@GREGGOESALLIN) July 15, 2022

Official photographs courtesy of PokerGO, the home of live-streamed action throughout the 2022 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Author: Nathan Brown